Making our own T-Shirt, Part 6 – Campaign is over, fulfillment starts! Or does it?

Ok, every post in this series where I explain the whole process we’ve been on to “Make the Goodest T-Shirt Ever”, I’ve been including links to read the previous posts. This is post 6, here are posts  OneTwoThreeFour, and Five. I hope you’ve read them all as I’m not sure any of them make sense without the history. I really want to explain to everyone the journey we’ve been on that will end up being a year long process when we finally finish our shirts. Continue reading

Making our own T-Shirt, Part 5 – Crowdfunding

Hopefully you’ve been following along as I have been chronicling You and Who‘s quest to make “The Goodest T-Shirt Ever.” Here are parts One, Two, Three, and Four. Go read them if you haven’t, I’ll wait.

Part 5 is about our Crowdfunding campaign that we started planning in July, put everything together mostly in September, and it launched in October and ran through November. Continue reading