A little overwhelmed


Wow, so much for posting every day. Ok, so I’m new at this. Perhaps I was too ambitious? I originally wanted to post every day, then I settled on practically every day.  And this post marks the first post in 2 weeks.

I feel very overwhelmed right now with things I need to do. When that happens I tend to get nothing done which obviously just makes it worse.  I’ve been getting more emails in a day than I can respond to, so they just pile up. I either respond to an email immediately/within an hour OR it could take days or weeks or months!

So, I’m trying a new thing that I’m starting today. I’m making a big list of things I need to do. I’m just using a text file that’s in Dropbox and I’m using PlainText – a simple iphone app that connects to Dropbox to show text files – so changes on my computer or app are synched up.

I figure if I can check off more things in a day than I add to the list then eventually I will get to a blank list.

Another thing I’ve considered is only checking email at certain times of the day. We’ll see how this to do list thing goes first.


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