But I like it, why don’t you?


So the other night I convinced Katie to watch a movie. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favorite movies or anything, but I definitely like(d) it and recite more than a few lines from it from time to time. I like the music in the film, the cinematography, and it was shot in Buffalo so it’s fun to see different parts of the city in the film. I thought she would like it. ¬†She hated it. HATED IT. We didn’t even finish it (although I think I might, even though I’ve seen it a handful of times).

It was weird though – I almost felt offended. That’s strong, I know – she didn’t mean anything, she just didn’t like the movie. And admittedly it’s not like it won Oscars or anything. So I wondered, why did I feel offended? I think it’s because I like it and I just want her to like it too. Or so she could finally understand why I called cars “shifter cars” or why I ask her to “span time” with me.

But it’s OK that she doesn’t like it. We’ll just have to find new things to like together.



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