Making our own T-Shirt, Part 1- An Analogy


Part I, or, “An Analogy”, or “Making Sandwiches”. I decided recently that I should explain the journey that You and Who has been on in our quest to create “The Goodest T-Shirt Ever.”

I feel like we’re close to the end, but then again I thought that months ago. We just entered the 11th month of this journey. In hindsight, I wish I would have documented the process throughout as opposed to this summary now that we’re near the end. And it struck me tonight to start this explanation by way of an analogy. Instead of T-Shirts, let’s talk about sandwiches.Stores, restaurants, and the like, sell sandwiches. They’re already made, you buy them and eat them.

We decided a few years ago to make our own sandwiches. 

Recently, we decided we should be using better bread – our own bread made in the U.S.  So we set out to make our sandwiches on our new, one of a kind, bread.

Turns out that getting a chef to come up with a custom recipe for your bread takes a lot longer than you might think it would and definitely longer than you want it to.

We know everyone is really hungry for these sandwiches, and trust us, we can’t wait to see them finished either. More to come in Part II…


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