Making our own T-Shirt, Part 6 – Campaign is over, fulfillment starts! Or does it?


Ok, every post in this series where I explain the whole process we’ve been on to “Make the Goodest T-Shirt Ever”, I’ve been including links to read the previous posts. This is post 6, here are posts  OneTwoThreeFour, and Five. I hope you’ve read them all as I’m not sure any of them make sense without the history. I really want to explain to everyone the journey we’ve been on that will end up being a year long process when we finally finish our shirts.

That’s right, at the time I’m writing this post, Thursday April 24, 2014, we still don’t have the shirts, as the title of this post alludes to. We actually though we would be able to send out all of the shirts before Christmas! Wow were we wrong. I talk about this in Making our own T-Shirt, Part 4 – Materials selected, let’s go!.This whole time, since the end of the campaign in early November until now, we’ve been working with the pattern makers on our custom patterns. I think some of the people that contributed to the campaign didn’t realize that we were creating our own shirt – unique to us and to our specifications. Really, while it’s “just a T-Shirt”, we’re manufacturing something new. We wanted to make a great shirt – as soft if not softer than the shirts we have been using since 2012. Since we made the switch in 2012 to new shirts, we’ve always received comments on how much people loved our shirts, specifically how soft they were. I have to say, from the samples we’ve reviewed, we not only succeeded in making them as soft, they are even softer. We specifically wanted to improve the Ladies shirt – the ones we’ve been using are just too small! We adjusted the sizing so that what was our small is now an extra small. We’re going to display number sizing for each size (like 0-2, 2-4, etc…) to help women select the right shirt. We made the sleeves better and changed the neckline. It’s really a great shirt that I think women will love. We owe all of the improvements to Ali Eagen of Anatomy (I’m actually working on the site, and Ali is changing her collection, so it’s down right now, but make sure you check it out in the future. Everyone clicks on the links I include in my posts, right?) While the pattern makers are the ones that made the patterns, it’s basically at the direction that Ali has given. We went through two rounds of changes and as of this post are finished with the modifications and are just awaiting the size run – that’s where they make one of every size. Before that they just make a sample in one size, specifically Ali’s size so she can test it out. When we get the size run, we’ll be asking for 6-10 women to come to Anatomy to try on all of the sizes. We may have some slight modifications but they’ll be able to make those during the production run. So, we’re close! Very close to production. We went through three rounds of modifications for the Unisex style and completed the fit testing on the size run with men for every size.

After we get the shirts we’re still looking at about 3 weeks of printing all of the designs on the shirts and then packaging and shipping. We’re going to wait until they’re all done and send them at once. So, if you contributed to our campaign – first, Thank You! Thank You for supporting us and an even bigger Thank You for your patience waiting months for us to make not only the Goodest T-Shirt Ever but also the greatest fitting and softest, a shirt that is our very own creation and unique to us. I know you’re going to love it.


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