So, I did it! And it went well. It was a great event and I’m really thankful and proud that they asked me to be a speaker.

The whole day was great. It was stressful leading up to the event but a lot of fun on the day of. I really enjoyed listening to the other speakers and meeting them.

One thing I think I learned about speaking at an event like this – the mistake I made was writing a speech and trying to memorize it and stick to what I wrote. I had difficulty doing that. I think what I should have done was just write sentences down and then just spoke off the cuff. I know the stories I told – I lived them. I had one part where I did that – I just wrote “Magazine Story” because I knew what I wanted to say. And that just flowed, whereas I had printouts on stage for the whole talk and I had to keep looking down to try and read some of the paragraph and then say it from memory. But it went well. Because it isn’t win or lose, it’s win or learn. I think I won and learned.

Here’s a link to a video of the whole day (my talk starts about 1 hour and 4 minutes)


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